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by Craig F. Harrison
2 mins read
Craig Harrison - Coffee With Jesus

As I sit and have my cup of coffee with Jesus, I was reflecting on living in the PRESENT MOMENT.  Right now, it’s still dark outside.  I can hear the trains behind me in the far distance.  I can hear the traffic.  I look forward to hearing the birds come out and to seeing the sun rise.  I look forward to the neighbors going by and waving.  I look forward to the world waking up.  But I still want to be in the PRESENT MOMENT.

There are times when we experience something special, like the beautiful ocean or a spectacular mountain, or a magnificent sunrise; those are extra special moments.  If only we could stay at these places where we find God, but we were not made to stay there.  These special times are simply meant to be moments of INSPIRATION!  We need to find that place of peace in the day-to-day chores, the everydayness of washing dishes, or cleaning the yard, or driving, because our God lives in them.

On this beautiful morning, I am going to strive to be PRESENT in the MOMENT!  I’m going to strive to see God in my everyday activities.  I’m always grateful for those special moments where HE reveals HIMSELF in a unique way, but we grow when we can see HIM in every MOMENT.  Look for HIM today.  HE IS right in front of you! 

Have a blessed day! 

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Kalina Marquez October 3, 2023 - 8:52 pm

Thank you for sharing.


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