by Craig F. Harrison
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Craig Harrison - Coffee With Jesus

As I sit and have my cup of coffee with Jesus, I was thinking about how oftentimes I feel like just a drop of water in the ocean. When I get caught up with the negativity of so many peoples’ different ideologies and movements, some that are so mean-spirited, I get frustrated.

At times I feel like I’m swimming upstream. But then I hear the voice of God. He calls me to silence and teaches me to swim with the current of HIS grace. He teaches me to swim to a new place, ready to step foot in an island of truth and hope. God is my compass. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when we also have to swim upstream against the current to do what’s right. God will give us the courage and strength.

Today, I’’m going to go with the flow and let God take me where HE needs to take me, knowing that HE guides me and directs me! 

I’m going to share a poem that a friend of mine, Joan, wrote; it speaks to me!

Drink me…

By Joani

As I look around me,

Swimming in the sea,

I wonder what happened,

And where it will lead me.

How did I get here when

I believed life was stable,

I worked so hard

For people to be able 

To build a tighter connection

Between God I know,

And people I see, 

the hearts that are broken,

The pain overflowing.

I’m reminded of Alice in Wonderland.

Who picked up a bottle that said, “Drink me,”

And when she did, she became so small,

Her tears flowed like rivers and became the sea.

She swam in the water of lies and deceit,

Confused with betrayal,

That safety had been promised

To her, if she was loyal.

 How do I capture these tears one by one,

Put them back in the jar?

I can’t do it alone, God, I need your help,

This has gone too far.

With your help it has shrunk,

Not an ocean at all,

Not again will I

Drink me”,

I’m now ten feet tall.

It’s a drop.

Have a blessed day

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