by Craig F. Harrison
2 mins read
Craig Harrison - Coffee With Jesus

As I sit and have my cup of coffee with Jesus, I was thinking of a quote by Samuel Rutherford.  He says, “The secret formula of the saints is: When I am in the cellar of AFFLICTION, I look for the Lord’s choicest wines.”  This quote caught my eye on many levels.  First, I like wine, and, not only have I had personal experience being in the cellar of affliction, I have been blessed over the years with people sharing their stories with me of their own afflictions.

Whether it be the loss of a loved one, a struggle with addiction, or fear of living in anxiety or depression, one time or another we all know what it’s like to have entered into the cellar of the AFFLICTION.  The key is to taste the choicest wines.  In our pain, we must to hold on to the only thing that leads us through our affliction, the BLOOD OF CHRIST!  We become one with the PASSION of our Lord.  He drank from the cup and passed it on to us.  There is nothing for us to fear!

Today, look at how Jesus has carried you through afflictions in your life.  He has never abandoned you or left you alone.  He invites you to drink from the cup!  Hold it with two hands and taste the choicest wine!

Have a blessed day!

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